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October 02 14:14 2017

New York, NY – The internet can be intimidating for users who are looking for something specific. For example, Moms know website A saves her the most money on groceries whereas website B provides the best deals in retail. In comparison, millennials are familiar with which social media networks are best for leisure versus professionalism. As an individual discovers their likes and dislikes, it can be disheartening to find out a website no longer exists such as The website was known for providing the best reviews of audio products ranging from earbuds to soundbars.

As these gadgets evolve to provide their listeners with the best experience possible, so has The company recently went under a rebranding in September 2017 to become Aside from a minor cosmetic update to the name and logo, Stereo Response strives to continue providing their clients with the best review of audio products. Prior users can expect new reviews of the latest in audio coming soon, as the new writers stop playing and get back to work.

Listeners and readers who are new to Stereo Response will discover that the website provides credible reviews for the latest gadgets in audio to enhance an individual’s listening experiencing.  Their homepage is offers readers the opportunity to browse the immense amount of content and reviews they provide. For more focused research, readers can select the drop-down menu to filter for two broad categories of audio gadgets: earbuds and soundbars. This is a great starting point for people looking for something specific.

The site also caters to those who have a budget. Once a user has selected their preference, they will find a number of reviews. The reviews range from price and function. For example, readers can find the best earbuds under $100, $50 or $30. The extensive reviews often include a brief synopsis of what users can expect from the earbuds under review as well as tips for what to look for in quality headphones.

As users transition to this newly branded and revamped site, they will there is a substantial list of the best products and breakdowns for each individual product. The breakdowns that highlight the features and include explanations as well as a link to purchase make it convenient and easy for users to continue getting the information they need about their audio equipment. With the rebranding of the former into Stereo Response,, readers haven’t lost a formerly beloved website, but indeed have gained a more extensive platform for reviews of the latest products coming out of the audio world.

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