Collector’s Full Color Book of Images and Questions directed to President Donald J. Trump

October 04 10:52 2017


This book is the very first of its kind ever written and published with 100+ full color thought provoking images and more than 500 hard hitting questions that allow the reader to create their own narrative on the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Be sure to get a copy of this unique book to add to your personal library collection, share with friends and family, pass down to your children, debate in high school and collegiate classes or just hold on to as a Collector’s item.

This book is sure to be on the “Required Reading” list across college campuses and a “must read” for political, social media and news groups as an innovative way of engaging an audience of readers to experience a book through a journey of questions rather than a journey of narratives.


For the first time in book format readers will be able to assemble their own facts, thoughts, opinions, information and experience in a way that allows them to create their own narrative page after thought-provoking page. 

The emotional journey through this book should convey that Americans are less interested in Party politics, Party loyalty and Party Agendas and more interested in a credible and qualified leader acting in the position of President of the United States. President Trump has effectively used the division between parties to escape accountability by blaming others for his reckless and endangering decision-making and actions. The bad politics, party tension and division have now spilled into the Eco-system of America with a destructive consequence of labeling the American people as either alt-left or alt-right and reviving elements from our troubled history. The unintended risk and consequence of labeling is that it allows a group to be devalued and dehumanized with reckless abandonment giving way to violence and death. If anyone is paying attention – this is how EXTREMISM starts!

To President Trump’s defense he did not create the divisions and hostilities that we are seeing play out across America. He simply stopped applying the Political Weed-n-Feed that past presidents have and look at what sprang up. His unconventional style and personal bias allowed for the right conditions to manifest the truth; the definition of “American” and entitlements therein vary by race, culture, religion, gender, party and income. While his leadership and communication style increases the risk domestically and abroad for America, it does however offer an incredible reflection point about our society. Who are we really?

Buy your copy of ‘President Trump, May I ask you a question?’ today and take the journey with the American people as we exercise our “We the People” voice in requesting that President Donald J. Trump confront the optics and questions that he has placed on the minds of many Americans.

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