has released the ultimate guide on how to grow a beard

October 06 16:30 2017

In a world of shallow how-to’s, has broken new ground with their ultimate guide on how to grow a beard; fans of comprehensiveness will want to sit up and take notice.

The ultimate guide on how to grow a beard from Grooming Adepts is a complete encyclopedia of everything you need to know about beard growth, from the basics of what a follicle actually is, to breaking down the genetics of beard growth, as well as delving into scientifically proven methods of getting quick beard growth results.

In a statement, the staff of Grooming Adepts had this to say about their beard-centric magnum opus:

“Like most guys, we knew only the basics of beard growth and beard care before we started Grooming Adepts. Originally, this research was more to educate ourselves and give us the info we needed to run an effective and informative men’s grooming website. As we were compiling the information, though, it became clear what we had to do—we had to share what we learned, all in one place, so that other men could reap the benefits of our research.”

If it all sounds overwhelming, Grooming Adepts is one step ahead of you: They’ve carefully broken down the guide into organized sections, so that visitors to the site can easily skim down to their favorite topics of interest. One staffer told me the guide was specifically designed to be a combination of the most informative beard guide available made up of, essentially, many guides. This ease of navigation and use is one of the many brilliant aspects of the Grooming Adepts’ ultimate guide on how to grow a beard.

Have you ever wondered why bald men seem to have the best beards? Or how come your beard hair is reddish even though the hair on your head is blackish? The Grooming Adepts guide has the answers to these burning questions and many, many more.

Men who are fans of natural medicine and Ayurveda aren’t left out, either. As one Grooming Adept told me, “Not everyone is into the classic chemical treatments, myself included. The Adept group is pretty diverse, and so we wanted to include different approaches to reflect that. For instance, I’ve always been interested in Ayurveda, because my grandmother is from India. I wanted to incorporate natural and alternative beard growth treatments into the article that I’ve found useful in my own life, to help other guys who take a similar philosophical view to myself.”

Another Grooming Adept told me, “We only wanted to talk about beard growth methods we’d use ourselves. This is key. Collectively, all of us have tried each of the beard growth remedies listed in the article. One of our big ethical standards at Grooming Adepts is that we never suggest our readers do anything we wouldn’t do—or in this case, haven’t already done. We want to walk the walk, so to speak.”

For guys who just want to know which products to try out to get fast results, they, too, have sections completely devoted to their needs. “This is not a list of products to try,” one staffer warned me, however. “The only products we suggest are example products of the types mentioned in each section of the article—and they’re ones that we, ourselves, have used.”

It’s important to note that there is one thing you won’t find in the Grooming Adepts ultimate guide on how to grow a beard: misinformation. As the Adepts told me in my initial email to them, “The most important thing we went for with this ultimate beard growth guide is 100% accuracy. We were careful with our sources, because we want this ultimate guide to be something men can turn to for honest answers to their beard questions.”

The Grooming Adepts ultimate guide on how to grow a beard has already dropped and can be found on their website.



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